Leafleting at the AONB

Meeting the locals

A core aim of our residency was to engage with local experts and others concerned with the environment around Allenheads, … More

Warm Room installation after

Exhibition video and photos

Exhibition video and photos ┬áCosmic Pond artworks and installations ahead of the final residency event. https://vimeo.com/372909519 Talking about the Cosmic … More

pond dipping kit

Cosmic Pond events

We were keen to engage the public as much as possible with our work at Allenheads. In addition to our … More

Terraqueous II Poster

Terraqueous II gallery

Terraqueous II gallery Building and launching stereo hydrophone rig Terraqueous II versions 1.0 and 1.1 in photos. Key features of … More

pond school visit

Return to the Pond

We are back at Allenheads Contemporary Arts for the concluding part of our BEYOND residency. It was so good to … More

The Cosmic Pond sign

The Cosmic Pond

Space and time are interconnected; stars, planets, human and other lifeforms all create ripples in the cosmic pond. In 2018, … More