The Cosmic Pond

Space and time are interconnected; stars, planets, human and other lifeforms all create ripples in the cosmic pond.

The Cosmic PondIn 2018, we were selected for a residency at Allenheads Contemporary Arts in Northumberland, UK as part of the BEYOND project.

In May and July we set out to create sonifications of the invisible interacting forces connecting space and time in and around the North Pennines Observatory.

The adjacent reservoir was transformed into The Cosmic Pond, where aquatic lifeforms could be heard chattering away in their own alien languages – perhaps even discussing the rhythms of life on the land and in the celestial skies above.

We invited visitors to join us collecting data, sounds, images and narratives around The Cosmic Pond. We recorded night-time activity of lifeforms communicating beyond the range of human hearing, with bat detectors and hydrophones, and lead soundwalks into the far-from-silent wilderness of the Allen Valleys.


BEYOND at Allenheads Contemporary Arts