Allenheads Recce

First visit to Allenheads for a recce ahead of Sparkes & Thompson BEYOND residency 2018

Our first visit to a snowy Allenheads to check the terrain and plan for the BEYOND residency proved to be invaluable.

First impressions  exceeded expectations Рit is easy to see why artists are inspired to come and work here.

The close proximity of the reservoir to the North Pennines Observatory is perfect for the evolution of the Cosmic Pond project.¬† With the forest creeping up to the pond’s edge on one side of the observatory and the North Pennines hills all around framing the famously dark night sky, this is the perfect vantage point to contemplate the here and now and it’s relationship to the space beyond.

Allenheads recce ahead of Sparkes & Thompson BEYOND Residency - the cosmic pond on ice!We met members of the North Pennines Observatory Astromomy Group at a fascinating talk, Mythology of the Night Sky’ given by Gary Lintern of the North Pennines Astronomy Society.¬† We also had the chance to introduce ourselves and our Cosmic Pond project to the members, many of whom seem interested to take part in our proposed workshops.